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Miss Mary of Sweden, founded in 1957, is an international lingerie company that designs, produces and sells lingerie and swimwear online to consumers and in wholesale. They are an established brand in many European markets and pride themselves on craftsmanship and production of high-quality, well fitting garments.

We started working with Miss Mary in 2020 when they were wanting to refocus their marketing efforts and agency relationships to enable a boost in sales. Within the first couple of months we were able to provide exponential growth beyond their initial expectations. 


In order to get them to achieve and surpass their sales goals, we cleaned up under performing campaigns, consolidated accounts and maximised spend on a market by market basis. This meant more sales for less spend and more time to focus on specific targets or new campaigns with less active and ineffective campaigns for their team to manage. Our efforts resulted in some impressive figures: 


YoY Revenue Growth


Advertising Cost of Sale


Active Campaigns

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