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Happy Socks produces high-quality socks that combine unique designs and craftsmanship, since their start in 2008. Spreading happiness wherever they are sold. In over 90 countries, Happy Socks can be found in over 10,000 top fashion apparel boutiques.

RedBridge Interactive was approached by Happy Socks back in 2013 to start working on optimizing their Google campaigns in limited European markets. After seeing the impact we could make, we grew right along with Happy Socks and was soon managing their campaigns on a global basis and added new channels as they emerged. This relationship deepened over the years as we took on other projects to help their blooming business outside of Europe. As one of the team we shared many late nights and early mornings turning up the volume on campaigns over Black Friday and other mega sale events. 

In the 7+years with Happy Socks it's hard to choose one moment but our most memorable is during 2020 lockdown where creative thinking and constant testing provided a steady stream of sales in an otherwise tough time for most businesses. The numbers speak for themselves. 



YoY Growth in Black Friday sales


Account reduction while increasing ROAS


Countries managed 

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